What Makes Singapore Companies Outsource to Indonesia?

What Makes Singapore Companies Outsource to Indonesia?

In this modern era, many businesses have a wide range of IT requirements. It includes the website design, the search engine optimization, and running an online and digital marketing. The company also has to spread social media engagement, creating graphics and customer management.

So, IT today is no longer an addition to the day-to-day running of the company but it is a big part of modern business practice. Do you know how to deal with this part? I mean, there are a lot of things to do when you put IT in the company. You need to seriously and constantly manage and maintain IT since the company has many things to handle. Human resources, programming training, customer services, accounting, and security are the major issues need a special person in charge for it.

A business needs to extend beyond the core competencies and Indonesia outsourcing services is a fine option to help you regain the focus. The Indonesia outsourcing offers an innovative talent management solutions and also advises on talent supply chain strategies. A partnership is needed to align a talent strategy with the business strategy. A company would need an outsourcing service to manage a contingent workforce in a neutral environment, and also provide operational management of entire departments while you can focus on what matters most to the core business.

As for Singaporean, why would they outsource the work in Indonesia? Singapore is growing fast in volume and value of the electronic commerce and payment business. They have a hub which allows them to be closer to the client that has the highest growth potentials. This country is Indonesian’s largest foreign investor and the second largest trading partner, otherwise, Indonesia is the fourth largest trading partner in Singapore.


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Indonesia has a lot of quality and quantity of software and hardware engineering talents to support the growth of new startups that appearing in the ecosystem. So, this is the attraction for Singaporean to hire Indonesian developers for their projects. In fact, Singaporeans has a small supply of programmers to fill the workforce.

To many parents in the country, joining a startup means that you are willing to take the risk of having financial instability for a period of time. And, this condition is considered as a phase to fail in any kind of business. What’s so likable about Indonesian programmer is that you will find minimum technical difficulties such as the project being half-done or totally abandoned.

Since now everybody can get things done in the cloud without any physical presence, things are running with better efficiency and effectiveness. In term of outsourcing service, Indonesia has many great talents with lower costs of living and running a business. Furthermore, Indonesia is quite a pretty cloud and social media-savvy with the second largest Facebook user accounts after the United States, Indonesia is in the third position in cloud computing jobs growth in Asia after China and India, and Indonesia is the fifth largest Twitter users in the world. It’s a tech skill, right?

With the great programmers, web and graphic designers, coders (and hackers, lol) available, Indonesia outsourcing is the best place to go if your business involves design, technology, and social media. The only issue that might come up is a language difficulty. Indonesia is not a really good English speaking country. And this issue might be a big considerable difference.

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