Tracking Device Monitoring App




Application Type


Transporation & Logistics

Internet of Things


As a company that produces cargo tracking devices, the client requires a monitoring app for the end-user to use. That’s where Appschef came in and provide them what they need. Appschef developed monitoring app that is accessible via desktop computers and mobile devices.

Once you install the app, the tracking device will ping back every time the following occurs:

  1. Hits check point
  2. Sensor triggered by temperature, humidity or moves and shakes
  3. Location out of bounds
  4. Handoff happens
  5. Reaches the destination

User will be notified via email, SMS, or the app’s push notification. By utilizing Ruby on Rails, Appschef was able to achieve the desired prerequisite smoothly with no major glitches. The existence of the app helped the client to complete their products functionality. By providing the monitoring app for the end-user, the client presented a high quality product with back to back service to indulge the customer.

Technical Specification

Programming Language


Business Issue

The Client needs a system to track their cargo status.

Business Solution

Aggregate data from sensor into back end server, so fleet monitoring become feasible. Present information in visual such as chart and graphic.


Accurate information on fleet where about.

Lesson Learned

Various sensor and back end integration, big data warehousing.

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