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The city authority nowadays is upgrading its business sector in the travel and tourism industry with the latest digital technology which delivers a new level of travel experience for the city society and visitors. Going to the place you’ve never been before will not be a stressful experience anymore, because modern technology will help you out through your travel better.

The client is a state police agency who wants to build convenience for the population and visitors who come to their city. They have requested Appschef to build a mobile-based application as a solution for people who need fast respond and valid information about the tourism spot, culinary, latest news, ATM Center, Shopping Places, Hotels, Hospitals or the nearest gas station in the city. This application provides a system where people can easily find general information about the city and also contact and interact with authority quickly.

The concept of the application is providing a better-personalized service. It helps tourists with an easy and highly functional application. This is a solution you need if you visit or just passing by the city. Appschef developed the mobile application that will run on top of Android OS, Kotlin Language Android Mobile Programming and Firebase.

We’d like to share on some of the interesting features, as follows:

1. Information
User will find comprehensive actual data and update information about two important authorities in the city, including the city police and city government. All the activities and programmes are created in news and video format, along with these information below:

  • Police and city government profile
  • Police and city government vision and mission
  • Complete road traffic information which displayed with alert meter indicator, date and time of the event, and actual locati

2. Tourism information and supported services
There are five main categories in this feature that can be used by user, such as:

  • Tourism
    User will find many intereting tourism spots in the city which devided into three types of places, as follows:
    – Religious spot
    – Special interest
    – Artificial spot
  • Culinary
    This feature displays crowd indicator in yellow colour in every culinary spot, which inform user whether the place is full of people or not, equipped with distance, ticket price and opening hours.
  • Shopping
    This feature displays crowd indicator in yellow colour in every shopping spot, which inform user whether the place is full of people or not, equipped with distance, types of stores and opening hours.
  • Hotel
    This feature displays crowd indicator in yellow colour in every hotel name, which inform user whether the place is fully booked or not, equipped with distance, types of hotels.
  • ATM 
    This feature displays distance and full address so user can find it easily on the map.

3. Complaint service
In this feature, if user has to sign up and login before submiting complaint to customer service.

4. Call center
User can make a call to the customer care if user allows permission asked by application to access the phone.

Technical Specification

3rd Party Engine:  Firebase

Programming Language:  Android , Koltin

Business Issue

Most people today prefer to use digital technology and they rely on apps to find routes, book a hotel, find culinary places, spotting the gas station or any other important related to their travel plan.

Business Solution

Mobile application plays an important role in the travel and tourism industry since it practical and provides many functionalities which work better than the old paper maps or guidebooks.


The city authorities can take advantage of digital technology to provide a high quality of services to people of the city and tourists by using a powerful source of promotion of mobile application.

Lesson Learned

The mobile application provides people a better travel experience and an advance insight on favourite places and tourism spots including a comprehensive information about the city.

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