The secret of success on running a startup in Singapore

The secret of success on running a startup in Singapore

It is said that the most lethal force in building a new company is the ammunition of manpower and brain. Singapore has nearly become an Asian hub for startups since they have the key factors to support startups such as tech-savvy population, easy access to funding and the quality of life. These factors have attracted investors and overseas talent to go there.

The power of technology

This is crucial. Empower employees with technology will build a better team and more productive workers. The internet today tends to change the way to educate people and how to learn new skills and competencies. Having access to online tools will empower the employee to learn and continue their professional development with soft and hard skills.

The technology is also used to improve efficiency in the office. There are no complicated procedures on startup. Sometimes, the task is easily delegated and monitored only through a Gmail inbox. It is that easy and comfortable. Besides, in startups, the job desks are built around the employees strength. So, when your contract said that you are a copywriter, it does not mean that you will be stuck tending to create good lines or wording stuff. The company encourages their employees to step out the comfort zones, going through trial and error and make full use of their potential.

The importance of innovation

Entrepreneurs in Singapore are quick thinkers. They appreciate a shorter online application for corporate setting more than consuming time visiting the bank branch for example. Many services are available online now. A bank officer will call you for an account verification and you do not have to go anywhere to have documents signing. Moreover, all access are easy to gain through a mobile app, so they have no time to waste.

Understanding market demands and delivering a product and service for people who are willing to pay for is the key to success. Innovation is important because it creates value for the company. Moreover, innovation creates a barrier against market competition and allows a startup to be different among others.

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Open and sharing ideas

It is likely that every entrepreneur should be more open about sharing ideas. The improvement of entrepreneurs is to frequently work and share ideas with each other. To understand the market demand by delivering product or service they want and make them willing to pay is the most important thing in business. It is more important than innovation.

The government support

The government is one of the important elements in the thriving of new company everywhere, not just a Singapore-based startups. Hiring and talent have always been a tricky issue for startups. There are some policies and initiatives introduced to best serve the need of stakeholders. Although it might not be satisfying for everyone but it has been put in an appropriate place.

It is not always perfect for all startups but it was really appreciated as the government progresses and fine tunes its schemes continuously.

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