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It is fun to listen to new music, especially if we can be acquainted with real singers from our favorite songs. Thus, `Artistfan` site is made. Our client came to Appschef to develop an online music network for artists. The web application is an intuitive system that combines e-commerce, social media, direct marketing, and live streaming technologies in one easy-to-use platform. Users can watch their favorite videos, view live stream performances; take a piano lesson, and many more. The recording industry is not what it once was. Labels are not signing acts at the volume they once did, which means artists have to work harder to realize their dreams. Our client invention makes it easier for artists, especially those trying to break into the industry, by providing them with an even playing field for content distribution.

Appschef developed the application with existing application built with PHP 5.3, customized cakePHP framework, MySQL database server, and Cron task scheduler. For back-end, the application uses FFMPEG, Curl, third party video, audio encoder & CDN, third party live stream encoder, third party payment credit card processor, and third party social media. Protocol used are HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and RTMP. For the front-end, the application uses JQuery, Javascript framework, responsive foundation CSS framework, compass SASS, masonry, JWPlayer for flash, HTML5, and Flash IO for live streaming. For the server used is Linux: Red Hat family.

Technical Specification



Operating System (OS)

Linux Red Hat

Proggramming Language



  • jQuery
  • CakePHP

Markup Language


Business Issue

The client wanted a web application that can help artists to be more successful by providing them tools to directly engage their fan base and live stream feature.

Business Solution

Build a social website for artists & fans to get acquainted and directly socialize the music.


Fans and artists can interact each other directly. • Artists can create media like music, video, live stream, photo, and feed upload music & videos. • The application provides interaction. A fan can follow, purchase, or consume created media by artists. • A fan can become a friend of another fan. • A fan can download the media after buying from artist. • The users, both artists and fans, can become members for free.

Lesson Learned

There is a great interaction invention for artists and fans, now everyone can connect mutually.

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