One of The Best Startup Ideas : Online Marketplace Development

One of The Best Startup Ideas : Online Marketplace Development

Startup development in Southeast asia is arguably being its best season at the moment. For example, in Indonesia there is always a new startup that launched, every month. And there is always a new startup that received funding from the Venture Capital. Not only its startup rises, innovations in their products even more creatively to solve problems in the fields of education, agriculture, governance by using technology.

Southeast asia may be new hope a new generation of Facebook and Google in the future. That’s why so many investor countries like Singapore needs help from Indonesia. As we know, Indonesia is known for its unlimited talents in IT industry. Indonesia has the current startup ecosystem that works well and running good in the Southeast Asia, so it is time to Indonesia helps neighboring countries.

Got a niche for a certain type of technical product or service and think you can really sell it? Go for it. But if you don’t, you could build consumer-to-consumer, business-to-consumer and business-to-business sales services via your web portals. Curated e-commerce / online marketplace websites are a more simple, low-cost way to launch your own startup. Consider it an online version of a shopping boutique. Strong visual assets are key for launching successful online marketplace sites. Just take a look at the success of Alibaba from China, Rakuten from Japan, or Tokopedia from Indonesia, how they earning crazy amount of money each month!

As of December 2016, funding for projects that are part of the Collaborative Economy industry is already almost five times what the most successful social networks (including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube) have raised. Since then, the gap has grown even further. If the influence of social media on our society has been unprecedented, we can imagine what kind of effect these collaborative platforms are capable of.

We are talking about a young industry with great potential for growth. PwC did a study on the global market size of the collaborative economy. They found that the size of the industry is currently at around $15 billion, and expect it to grow to $335 billion by 2025.

Now, you have two options to build an online marketplace:

  • 1. Custom Development:
    In custom web development, need to hire technical experts, domain registration, web hosting etc, All these process will take long time to make your online marketplace website into form.
  • 2. Ready made solution:
    Pre built software script which helps to create an online marketplace website.

And I recommend you to use the first option for your online marketplace development, not because its cheaper, but also to hand your business in the right highly experienced team.

Most truly innovative ideas that bring great changes are considered crazy at first. But if you believe in your idea and keep on pushing your business, you might find yourself the new Zuckerberg, or Steve Jobs. What is more than helpful on the way to the top is a strong business network. So start now and build yours on emveep!

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