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LiveLife is a night life event and places directory from Singapore. Not just a directory, LiveLife is a specific interest social networking site; if you’re a member you can add friends, create groups and events, and also distribute a poll. The social networking nature appears in the ease to share all content to other members.

Photos, date of events and the ability to search the entire website’s content. Appschef sort out the implemented technology, reconstruct it with a new design, focusing on the functionality of the site, both as a social network and a city directory.

Technical Specification

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Business Issue

There’s a lot of information about night life in the internet, however not one provide user to user interaction features such as creating group, sharing, or distribute poll.

Business Solution

Specific city directory for night life event and places combined with social interactions.


Providers get more exposure and conversation and users get more information with recommendation. Viral effect can be generated.

Lesson Learned

Social interactions generate more engagement, create your own specific app instead of using general social networks to amplify the effect.

Build your own app with no capex. We accept rev-share or other per unit compensation. Your growth, we deliver!
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