# Upgrade from your Shopify

For e-commerce businesses who have made it and now need a fresh platform as a tech startup


Industry-focused Direct-to-Consumer /  D2C ecommerce can carve their own niche and compete with the giants like Amazon, Shopee or Tokopedia. You are established in your industry. You can now innovate and become a D2C tech startup unicorns like Glossier, Warby Parker, Casper etc in the US!  

Various Payments

Use Ovo & other ewallet, credit card, 0% installments, Virtual Account, vouchers, loyalty points, or connect to 3rd party lending provider.

Multi Merchants

More SKUs mean more revenue. You can act as the main operator while your partners can post and sell their products on your platform.


Our system has user login member feature. Show your best customers extra appreciation and motivate the regulars to pursue elevated status with an optional loyalty module.

Customized Module

Do you have a truly unique functionality for your business / industry? We can quickly develop and install the new module.

Native App

Native Android and iOS for your users. You can add exclusive features and promotions for mobile purchases. Essential for repeat buying strategy. 


Our platform has many advantages compared to Shopify, allowing businesses to scale in terms of functionality. Listed below are the advantages compared to Shopify.


Limited (3)

Limited (100)

No commission fees

Use any payment & lending gateway

Native mobile app

Custom modules

Product category levels

Staff accounts

Product options

Product variant




  • Commision fee levied
  • Payment gateway not flexible
  • No native mobile app
  • No future unique innovation
  • No product category levels
  • Limited staff accounts
  • Limited to 3 product options
  • Limited to 100 product variants
  • No commision fee
  • Connect to any payment gateway
  • Native mobile app
  • Future custom development
  • Product category levels
  • Unlimited staff accounts
  • Unlimited product options
  • Unlimited product variants

Sample Apps

Whizliz is a luxury-industry marketplace focusing on affordable jewelry. Whizliz offer various designs and styles, and deliver right to customers’ door.

Check it out

ModeMart is a marketplace which sells supermarket goods. Any order before 4pm is shipped on the same day, so only merchants within certain radius are visible to users. 

Check it out



Initial Fee

For US$4,900, we install the application at a dedicated server hosting, redesign the web & app, configure the payment gateway, and provide training to your team.

+ License & Support $900/mo

Once you are ready to go live (after you upload products, banner, etc), only then we start the license fee, and that includes 24×7 technical support.

Any Questions?

Just drop us a message and let's talk about what you need.

Build your own app with no capex. We accept rev-share or other per unit compensation. Your growth, we deliver!
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