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Health Care

Digital Marketing



As the leading healthcare product company, the client asks us to develop a web app for its sugar replacement/diabetic care campaign. Appschef built the web app so it can support useful contents of diabetic prevention, treatment, healthy menus and other helpful information. By utilizing WordPress as the content management system, and jQuery to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML with its cross-browser Javascript library.

After we successfully created the infrastructure of a one stop information center for diabetes information, with user- friendly interface, obliging contents and smooth designs, the client will have more time to make the most of the architecture by handing out more useful information.

Technical Specification

Proggramming Language: Javascript

Markup Language: HTML5

Business Issue

The company needs a digital media for marketing their product. It needs to be fast and user friendly.

Business Solution

We build a cms in which user will be able to add more useful content. WordPress and jQuery is chosen sto fasten development time and accommodate cross-browser user-friendliness. We even add trivia game to improve information acceptance.


Nicely designed website with CMS allowing the company to provide information to its consumers.

Lesson Learned

Build your own app with no capex. We accept rev-share or other per unit compensation. Your growth, we deliver!
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