Get To Know iOS 11 by Apple Inc.

Get To Know iOS 11 by Apple Inc.

What is Apple and iOS?

We can’t unnotice that Apple is one of the largest companies engaged in computer technology and software developers. It’s been running since 1976, so far, many hardware products have been created, such as Macbooks, iPhone, iPad, iWatch and iPods.

To run the manufactured hardware products, Apple Inc. founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wzniak and Ronald Wayne also created software that we currently know with iOS. This operating system was first used for iPhone and iPod Touch devices. Until now, almost all Apple Inc’s production devices have been using iOS.

Since 2012 Apple is committed to developing iOS every year along with the launch of the new devices. And this year, 2017, Apple launched the latest update of iOS. Not only improves the working system from previous version, iOS 10.3.3, but iOS 11 is presented by adding some new features that are certainly not only interesting, but also very useful for users.

What’s new about this iOS 11? What are the benefits of this latest operating system? Can all Apple devices use iOS 11?

Release Date of iOS 11

Since June 2017 on the WWDC keynote event, Apple Inc. has introduced iOS 11 to users. But at that time, iOS 11 is in beta version, which is an early version that needs to be tested and developed before released worldwide with the fixed version. iOS 11 Beta is only condemned to the official developper in order to customize the applications so can be compatible with iOS11. Actually iOS 11 Beta can also be used by users, but only the registered users to test and provide feedback about the perfection of developement.

Then after launching the latest devices, iPhone 8, iPhone 8+ and iPhone X, Apple Inc officially launches iOS 11 for all users of Ipad and iPhone devices. Precisely in mid-September 2017. Since its launch, many users of Apple devices has switched from iOS 10.3.3 to iOS 11.

What’s New and What for ?

Approximately there are more than 8 developments made by Apple for iOS 11. Some of which are new features that were not available on iPhone devices or even devices with other operating systems.

Since this new iOS can work on your iPad and iPhone, as they say to promote the new iOS, it’s ‘A giant step for iPhone. A monumental leap for iPad’, it can be true. iPad is one of the most multifunction devices you could ever have. You work, play, and you learn on one single device. And now with iOS 11, iPad can give you better experiences, and with iPhone, everything is on your fingertip.

  • “Files” is ‘Now’Here

Then we have known that there’s iCloud where we can store our files and backups, but now with the new Files App, not only store, also we can organize it. This app can be connected to other storage apps such as iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, in your iPads or other iOS devices. Don’t forget the ‘recent files’ feature that can give you better way to find the file.

  • Dock to Switch and Multitask

What else can you expect if you get your dock on your iPad. Just one swipe, and you can switch your apps immediately. This new feature allow you to see the recent apps that recently used and currently open. With this dock you also can open the second apps in your Slide Over feature. So multitask in one screen is way easier now.

  • Litteraly Writing with The Pencil

For iOS users with iPad Pro, the Pencil is not only a pencil with iOS 11. Start from marking documents, highlighting notes, pdf documents or screenshots is easier. Three simple steps, grab Apple Pencil, touch the screen and start creating. Also on the Notes there are scanners feature that has the natural results such as removing edges, straightening documents and of course you can provide additional streaks such as signatures with Apple Pencil.

  • AirPlay 2

If you have a compatible audio device with an Apple device, now with some touch you can control all connected audio devices. Let’s say in your house you have more than one speaker, with AirPlay 2 you can adjust the settings and volume of each speaker.

  • Self Record. What about Screen Record?

Yes. Now finally you can record your screen and your activities on iPhone without the third developper apps. With this new and official feature you can record your screen with just a few steps. To make it easier, place your Screen Recording in the Control Center. You can record the screen with audio or with mute mode. It's up to you. To see the results, everything will be saved in Camera Roll.

  • Share the Wifi

This one is new. If there’re two devices and one of them already connected to a wifi, the other device can join the wifi without entering the password or so. Just ask to join the wifi to the other iOS devices. Make sure that these devices are close enough to make the process faster and better. There will be a pop up Share Your Wifi on the device that is already on the network, and with one confirmation, there comes the help.

  • Bye Old Control Center

Not only comes with new look, Control Center now can be costumized. Want to do screen recording regulary? Add to Control Center. Have new ideas, add a Voice Memos control, and done. If you ever use one of the old feature ‘Do Not Disturb’ in Control Center, not this feature was taken to a new level. Activated while driveing, this feature can let others who contact you know that you’re driving, so you are not going to worry about anyone worrying about you.

  • Syncronized the Whole You

And last, but definitely not the least, when you get new devices, such as iPhone or iPAd, this new iOS 11 allows you to transfer not only files or basic information like contacs or Apple profile, but also the whole setting, preferences, even passwords. All the things are transferable quickly, easily and of course safely. It seems satisfying to work with the latest iOS 11. But unfortunately, It’s not compatible for all of Apple’s devices. Only iPhone from 5S series up to the latest version iPhone X and iPad mini 2 up to the latest 12.9-inch iPad Pro that can be updated to iOS 11. The iOS 11 can let you better experiences with your iPhone and iPad. Numbers of developement and new features can truly make your work easier.

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