Fintech Startup Disconholic Lets Users Get Discount from Many Merchants

Fintech Startup Disconholic Lets Users Get Discount from Many Merchants

Fintech startup disconholic is offering interesting discount from various merchants by only trading points with Telkomsel number. People loves shopping. In fact, malls today are considered as one of the primary need for people’s lifestyle.

Yet, apart from shopping only, people nowadays are in love with rewards and discounts. A number of startups are starting to aware about this. Technology and smartphones have the biggest role in shopping perspective that has changed today.

Everybody loves discounts. There are certain time for discounts such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Christmas edition. Discounts are everywhere and there are many kind of different way to give that discount. One of the biggest telecommunication in Indonesia has build an app that help consumers get discounts from many merchants.

Disconholic is a mobile app offering interesting discount from various merchants in partnership with Telkomsel. Any Telkomsel users can get discount in particular merchants only by trading their Telkomsel Poin. Telkomsel has chosen Emveep as their partner to build a useful discount application.

Emveep built the app by using interesting technology such as iOs Objective C, Java Android, and Ruby on Rails to build the fine front-end and back-end, also AWS for server production architecture and mysql for the database.

Telkomsel users can redeem point after they fill the registration form in mobile application. Users can check on the merchants which have promo offer and hit the redeem button. Before they do that, there will be a validation process whether they use Telkomsel number or not in the registration process. If everything is okay, the discounts will be theirs easily.

It currently has over 200 partner merchants. The Disconholic app will soon be available as a free download on iOS and Android.

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