Fashion Startup to expand Marketplace with E-commerce Website

Fashion Startup to expand Marketplace with E-commerce Website

E-commerce has become a popular subject and profitable today because of rather than spending too much time at the shopping mall, people now can get instant personal stylist right at their fingertips on the screen of their smartphones. A website is no more limited to games and utility only. However, the mobile website has become an important tool for marketing to create fashion awareness.

Technology today develops so quickly and gives you many benefits harnessing your ideas in fashion. The mobile website also helps you personalizing your marketing strategy to particular customers, strengthen the communication between boutique owners with the customers, and  it also can stimulate more profitable dealings and exchanges. That is why you should make your online boutique website for your fashion store.

The affordability of mobile devices and mobile internet become the key factor of driving the rise of internet use. Nearly 71 million people are mobile phone users in 2015 and it is estimated 16.2 million Indonesian are tablet users in 2017. On the average of 180 minutes are spent by people on their smartphone every day. This number is the most amount time in the world which is also a huge opportunity for e-commerce.


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Developing a mobile web for online fashion business

A human is a man of visual. Customers definitely will be attracted to interesting images of your latest arrivals and you can give them an implicit tour of your inventory on the website.

Advertising is surely profitable but having a website for your boutique has better long term advantages. An online store definitely will bring an increase in sales and ROI. Since the mobile site is accessible from anyplace, your customers will have no difficulty to locate your contact information and exploring your collection with no hurry.

Imagine that your customers convert into your free of charge promoter because you succeed to connect with them and amplified you reach with a mobile site. A loyal customer will willingly put your website logo on their socmed profile. That makes your reach is going further.

A recent study on the importance of websites and apps in the world today showed that 80% smartphone users had downloaded interesting apps and 20% have shopped clothes and other fashions items on their smartphone. It is proved that many people are interested in using websites to get what they look for. Customers or shoppers are easy to get addicted. They use their mobile device to research and explore new products. They also compare prices with other online shops, reading reviews how the product quality meet their needs, find store locations, finding digital coupons and download it, buy an item or two without pressure and much more.

It seems like fashion technology is helping customers become more demanding than before. Because shoppers are likely to use the website and app more and more. They even become more responsive to any promotions that pushed through their phone. That is why you should build a website for your boutique store.

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