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Appschef helped a Christian organization in Bandung, called City Light Community Church (CLCC), to develop a church mobile application. In addition, there is a refresh to their website with modern design. The goal of the app is to become a media to grow congregation through preaching and daily meditation. For example, the app not only provides information about church activities, but also becomes a two-way communication channel. The mobile application has features such as counseling and communities section.

The application offers information that will help visitors adapt quickly to the church and feel more at home. It is what our client wants – to be welcoming and help new visitors find their place. Users can read the newest feeds without scrolling their screens. The application enables users to have:

  • Online counseling: Parishes can communicate each other with pastors to talk about their problem.
  • Community service (mini social media), users can update their status or give information about parochial to another user.
  • Streaming preaching videos. – Daily devotional contains meditations aimed for people who are struggling to live faithfully in real-life situations.
  • Church / community lists, which can be added into electronic calendar. Users can see the list of communities and church locations so that they can see upcoming activities. For the website, Appschef developed on top of Laravel 4 framework. The application runs on top of a CentOS, Apache web server, and MySQL database. On the front-end, the application uses HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and JQuery. For mobile application, Appschef use Objective C for iOS 7 and Android SDK for Android version 4 or higher.

Technical Specification

Proggramming Language


Markup Language: 

  • CSS3
  • HTML5


  • jQuery
  • .NET Framework

Business Issue

The client wanted an application for website and mobile, which can link among perishes & pastors and with another churches to get better and faster communication easily.

Business Solution

Build a connected website & mobile app that’s useful for the community. The Mobile app can also be used as a social media & online counseling with Pastor.


Visitors can adapt quickly to the church and feel more at home. It is what our client’s want – to be welcoming and help new visitors find their place.

Lesson Learned

Appschef used appropriate framework and programming language to solve issues in this project. It is good to dig the functionality of each framework deeper since it has multitude features to develop faster.

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