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Appschef developed a daily exercise application designed specifically for Android smartphones, as per request of the client, the biggest healthcare product manufacturer in Indonesia.

Generally, the app consists of the running and workout guide/tutorial, with 3 differentiator of running; basic cardio, interval running, and outdoor running (which can only be activated in a certain brand of smartphone). The app also contains scheduling management and progress journal, to add functionality and general benefits to the user.

Technical Specification

Proggramming Language: iOS, Android

Markup Language: CSS3, HTML5

Business Issue

To support its campaign, the client had an idea to build a functional app, rather than a traditional branding-only application.

Business Solution

Appschef built the app using commonly used Android technologies and added the perceptive interface to ease the user’s handling.


As an app with general use, the branding process will become indirect but continuous; and with the appropriate structure, the longevity and reach of the app will improve to more than the targeted segment.

Lesson Learned

Keep it simple and stupid; push more usefulness to enhance usage, therefore your brand will be on top of the app user’s mind every time they use the app.

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