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Our Clients

We work with startups and enterprises who have a vision to scale, both performance wise and functionality wise. Our company has worked with these clients:
appschef mobile app development company client unilever
appschef mobile app development company client gojek
appschef mobile app development company client his bali
sophie-martin appschef clients
appschef mobile app development company client holcim
appschef mobile app development company client cimb niaga
ocbc-nisp appschef clients
komatsu appschef clients
appschef mobile app development company client telkomsel
appschef mobile app development company client astra international
appschef mobile app development company client alfamart
appschef mobile app development company client bluebird
appschef mobile app development company client bca
appschef mobile app development company client djarum
appschef mobile app development company client indomaret
appschef mobile app development company client mandiri
appschef mobile app development company client p&g
appschef mobile app development company client sinarmas
appschef mobile app development company client singtel
appschef mobile app development company client telkom indonesia

Recent Deals

Here are some of the on-going, past, and future deals.

Gotcha Gatcha


Gotcha Gatcha is an original 6868 Community-Driven hand drawn collectibles project with MAHHArt by GG Team. Created from a unique combination of hundreds of traits with animated Legendary NFTs in the 6868 collection.


Waffle Verse


The journey of action RPG, the ever-growing Play and Earn environment of WaffleV!



GeeksFarm is a non-formal educational institution that focuses on information technology education to build competent generation of digital talent through online and offline training course.

What Clients Say

Here are a few testimonials

We are very excited and happy to see the App finally in the wild. The first reviews are very positive (except the one who is complaining. But he’s one of these guys who probably always complains about everything because what he writes is simply not true). Thank you all and feel hugged (Just if you like, of course)

Thanks for your email and your commitment to get things fixed and improved. We acknowledge that we have to work closer, with better processes in order to have a well defined scope with agile governance in place, robust QA process and strong communication. I fully align with your comments and we are fully confident that we have the right partner to achieve our project and that we will tune in the coming weeks the way we work together

I’ve been impressed with the work you are doing: 

  1. Speed and quality of code produced.
  2. Knowledge of rails and working to standard patterns.
  3. Use of initiative when spec hasn’t covered an area properly.
  4. You ask questions when you’re unsure and get on with it when you know what you’re doing.

 Thanks and keep up the good work.

appschef mobile app development company testimonial etecture

Dirk Ziegener

Operations Director, Etecture

appschef mobile app development company testimonial myre

Arnold Friz

Co-founder & CTO, MYRE

appschef mobile app development company testimonial sendowl

George Palmer


Mobile App Projects

appschef mobile app development project unilever unite

Unilever Unite


Social Media App to Unite Company Employees


Social media is a perfect tool to connect with people. For a large company like Unilever, connecting one employee to another is never an easy task. Not only publishing news in the bulletin board, but the company also needs the feedbacks and employees engagement. Therefore, we created an internal social media platform that can be used to connect everyone in the company. From daily activities to company events, everyone can share their moments in the timeline. Unite is the social media platform created by Appschef for Unilever, a multi-national corporation in Indonesia. With a massive number of employees throughout Indonesia, the company needs to have a medium that can bring them together as a family.

appschef mobile app development project nutrifood



Daily Exercise Guidance App


Appschef developed a daily exercise application designed specifically for Android smartphones, as per request of the client, the biggest healthcare product manufacturer in Indonesia. Generally, the app consists of the running and workout guide/tutorial, with 3 differentiator of running; basic cardio, interval running, and outdoor running (which can only be activated in a certain brand of smartphone). The app also contains scheduling management and progress journal, to add functionality and general benefits to the user.

appschef mobile app development project alpha media communication

Alpha Media Communication


Mobile App for Actors and Actresses Fans


PT. Alpha Media Communication which is collaborating with PT. XL Axiata Indonesia wants to create mobile application to make user (who are using PT. XL Axiata Indonesia mobile network services) interested to subscribe to Hush services in order to view the Indonesian actors or actresses premium videos.

appschef mobile app development project sophie paris

Sophie Paris


Sophie Paris Mobile Catalogue with Locator Feature


Appschef helped Sophie Paris to develop a powerful application that could show the newest product’s catalogues regularly on a smartphone. Catalogue data is uploaded from back-end and product data is fetched through API (Application Programming Interface) provided by client. Functionally, users can save either product catalogue pages or preferred products to add notes on product catalogue pages. This application helps users to search the nearest outlets with the Business Center (BC) Locator feature, which shows its detail and route to get there.

appschef mobile app development project techlyon



Food & Restaurant Website for Guide & Reservation


Our client is a telecommunications company, Techlyon. The client asked Appschef to help them with building a new system, enhancement on existing software, and its maintenance for a better web performance. The client has an existing ecosystem of applications, which is the leading food portal in Singapore with online presence in Hongkong, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Australia. They requested Appschef to help with further development and to support Techlyon to maintain the ecosystem with these services…

appschef mobile app development project artistfan



Online Music Network with Video Share


It is fun to listen to new music, especially if we can be acquainted with real singers from our favorite songs. Thus, `Artistfan` site is made. Our client came to Appschef to develop an online music network for artists. The web application is an intuitive system that combines e-commerce, social media, direct marketing, and live streaming technologies in one easy-to-use platform. Users can watch their favorite videos, view live stream performances; take a piano lesson, and many more.




Health Information Center


As the leading healthcare product company, the client asks us to develop a web app for its sugar replacement/diabetic care campaign. Appschef built the web app so it can support useful contents of diabetic prevention, treatment, healthy menus and other helpful information. By utilizing WordPress as the content management system, and jQuery to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML with its cross-browser Javascript library. After we successfully created the infrastructure of a one stop information center for diabetes information, with user- friendly interface, obliging contents and smooth designs, the client will have more time to make the most of the architecture by handing out more useful information.

appschef mobile app development project cargo tracking device

Cargo Tracking Devices Company


Tracking Device Monitoring App


As a company that produces cargo tracking devices, the client requires a monitoring app for the end-user to use. That’s where Appschef came in and provide them what they need. Appschef developed monitoring app that is accessible via desktop computers and mobile devices.

appschef mobile app development project livelife



Night Life Event Directory


LiveLife is a night life event and places directory from Singapore. Not just a directory, LiveLife is a specific interest social networking site; if you’re a member you can add friends, create groups and events, and also distribute a poll. The social networking nature appears in the ease to share all content to other members.

appschef mobile app development project endeavor technology

Endeavor Technology


Hotel Service Quality Maintenance System -
E Inspector


Endeavor Technology from Canada trusted us on Web + mobile software development. This application is about rating a room including its housekeeping vendor. Soon after the inspector enters the room, he is able to fetch blank form from the server via his and then report to the server via his mobile. These results are published on the company website and can be viewed by other users. Interactively, web users are allowed to post comments whether they agree with the review or not. More conveniently, users also are able to build charts & statistics from these review result.

appschef mobile app development project kolner haie

Kölner Haie


Mobile Application for Germany Ice Hockey Club Fans


Sports have been uniting people from various backgrounds all around the globe. Every sport team or club has many fans that willingly support them in any circumstances. Kölner Haie is an ice hockey team based in Germany that wants to engage more with their fans by providing an official mobile application for fans. Our company has been trusted to fulfill their request. With this application, fans may know the match schedule, news, and other information related to the team.

appschef mobile app development project whizliz



Jewelry Marketplace


Whizliz is a niche marketplace, specified for jewelry. This online platform provides its customers an easy access to scan through the listed jewelries and purchase it right on the application. It also ensures the customers to shop safely using this service. Whizliz mobile application for customers is developed to make customers conveniently using the service anywhere, anytime, flexibly.

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